Beak n' Wings adopts within the greater Kansas City area and up to 150 miles from Lenexa, Kansas. Our volunteers visit all of our adoptive homes except for small bird adoptions. Because their time is limited, you must live within 150 miles of Lenexa, Kansas. Please do not ask for exceptions. We do not ship birds. We do not adopt birds out for breeding.  

Most of our rescued parrots live in foster homes, are treated like companions, and rehabilitated if necessary. We have found that this provides them with the best environment for successful rehabilitation. Because most of our birds are in private homes, they are only able to available  by appointment. A few of our foster birds do stay in our facility and these may be visited during our normal business hours. 

Appointments to visit birds are set up at our facility in Lenexa. Occasionally, a request is made to visit a bird in the foster home. These visits can only be done after an application has been filled out and a home visit performed. 

Beak n Wings is not a source to acquire free animals. The adoption fees we charge help us defray costs we incur when providing for the birds in our care. It costs a lot to feed each bird an appropriate diet, and provide appropriate cages, toys, and veterinary care.  The exact fees depend on the species of bird and are listed with the individual bird’s information on our Adoptable Birds section.  

Our adoption process does take some time, generally 2 - 3 weeks. Our priority is not to have a speedy process, but a careful one that ensures proper placement of our companion birds. Multiple changes can be difficult for the bird, and we wish to ensure their safety. 

Adoption Process

Please fill out the appropriate form below and return it to us. A copy of a driver's license or ID card is REQUIRED for all adoptions. If you are renting, a letter from a landlord giving you permission to have a bird is also required.

Attend the Basic Bird Care 101 Class (optional for small birds). This class is held the second Sunday of each month at 2 pm at our facility. Occasionally, this schedule changes due to holidays, etc. so please check our Facebook page to verify the date. The class is open to the public, it is not necessary to sign up in advance. You do not need to repeat the class if you have taken it previously.

A home visit is required on all adoptions except small birds. These are scheduled after attending the Basic Bird Care 101 Class. One of our volunteers will visit you to be sure you understand the care of the bird you are adopting and to ensure you can provide a safe, clean environment for the bird. Because their time is limited, you must live within 150 miles of Lenexa, Kansas. Please do not ask for exceptions.

You must visit the bird at least twice to get acquainted. If you are not certain which bird you want to adopt, you may visit several. Visits are set up by appointment, usually at our facility.

As is customary with most rescues, you must sign a contract when adopting any bird from Beak n Wings. This is a legally binding contract which states that you will keep the bird in your home as a companion and not breed the bird, sell the bird, or give the bird away. If for some reason you are unable to keep the bird, you must return the bird to us. 

The adoption fees for our birds vary with the species and are generally 1/3 -1/2 what you would pay through a breeder or in a pet store, and are not negotiable. The fees are listed with the individual 

bird’s information on our Adoptable Birds section. The fee is paid at the time you take the bird home. We accept cash, credit or debit cards, or PayPal payments. Adoptions do not include cages. We try to send a small supply of the bird’s current diet. 

After Adoption Care

Our contract also requires that you take your new bird to an avian experienced veterinarian within 10 business days of adoption. If a life threatening health problem is discovered, you may return your bird for a full refund. Failure to have the bird examined in the required time will void the health guarantee. Under no circumstances will Beak n Wings be responsible for any veterinarian expenses. For the protection of any other birds in your home, we recommend a 90 day quarantine of your new bird.

Beak n Wings will remain available to answer any questions you have or help you and your bird adjust in anyway that we can. We will also provide free grooming to any bird adopted from us. Just contact us for a grooming appointment. We hope you will keep in touch with us after adoption, come to our educational meetings and events, and become members of our club and family! 

Adoption Forms

Adoption Application for SMALL BIRDS (Budgies, Cockatiels, Canaries, Finches, Lovebirds, and Doves only)

Adoption Application for ALL OTHER BIRDS

Forms may be emailed to, faxed to 913-322-2583, or mailed to: 

Beak n Wings, Inc.
9101 Rosehill Rd, Suite B
Lenexa, KS 66215

Due to the large number of applications received we will no longer respond to out of the area or incomplete applications, including those without a driver's license.