Our History

Beak n Wings was created by Dean Tyson January 1, 1999, as a “Pet Bird Club”. A place to meet other people with the same interest and educate each other. Soon, people who could no longer care for their own birds started seeking out BNW for help re-homing them. We then evolved into a “Parrot Rescue, Adoption, and Educational Pet Bird Club”.  In 2004, BNW became licensed by the state of Kansas as an animal shelter. We remain the only licensed shelter in the state exclusively for birds.

In 2005 Beak n Wings became a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We have a five-member board, officers, chairpersons, and various appointed positions.

Our current board members are: 

Dean Tyson, Executive Director  Marci Walters Jennifer Clair Ron Gillespie Chris Campbell

Beak n Wings attends many events, bringing our birds and introducing them to the public. We have attended home and garden shows, pet stores, parades, pumpkin patches, and many other venues.

As of May 2021, over 2200 birds have been surrendered to Beak n Wings. Most of these have been adopted to loving homes.  

Until 2014, BNW had no shelter facility! All 1,459 birds taken in prior to 2014 lived in foster homes and we worked out of storage units. In 2015 Beak n Wings moved into our first store front at the Great Plains Mall in Olathe, Kansas. We were in this location for about a year and then we had to move because the mall was being torn down.

In 2016 Beak n Wings moved to our new location in Lenexa, Kansas where we hold educational meetings and have guest speakers as well. (Except in 2020, when we held no meetings due to COVID19.)

In summer 2021 Beak n Wings will be expanding into additional space at our location at 9010 Rosehill Rd. Ste. B Lenexa, Kansas.

Birds surrendered to Beak n Wings

2003 = 58
2004 = 124
2005 = 110
2006 = 200
2007 = 177
2008 = 164
2009 = 210
2010 = 64
2011 = 142
2012 = 100
2013 = 106
2014 = 110
2015 = 49
2016 = 74
2017 = 160
2018 = 126
2019 = 126
2020 = 138

2021 to date 35

Total to date = 2,273